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We introduce ourselves as an organisation promoted by a group of very experienced engineers providing engineering services since 1993 for setting up complete textile plants with specialization in Man Made Fiber Industry. Many plants producing textile yarns have been set up by us all over India. We have been leaders in the field of various new developments and modifications in the new and existing running plants of Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon etc.

Several new projects and second hand textile projects have been set up in India under our Supervision, besides we being instrument in the revival of various sick units. We have increased the profitably of few plants by conversion from LOY to POY or conversion of existing machines from POY to FOY / FDY Yarn.

We were pioneers in setting up first indigenous manmade fiber plant in India, without the help of any foreign consultant, due to which the cost of project set up by us came in reach of various Industrialist. Our emphasis is always on timely management and controlled running cost of the plant, keeping capital cost to the running cost balance in mind. Thus the plants set-up by us are most economical and most power efficient. The power consumption of plants set up by us is minimum per kg of the production.

We have revived some of the sick units in India. These plants were closed mainly due to their high cost of production. We carefully studied the plants and modified them to make them more viable by bringing down their cost of production. Increase in number of ends has increased the production and brought down the cost of production.

The main objective of the company is:
1 . Providing Technical Consultancy Services for setting up of Textile Man Made Fiber Projects both new and used plants.
2 . Engineering services for up gradation of existing Old Plants.
3 . Engineering services for running various types of Yarn on same machine like Nylon machine can be used to produce PET and PP Yarn.
4 . Energy Saving & Conservation.
Our company is headed by Mr. D.S. Gupta himself has more than 50 years of experience in the field of textile and has already set up several complete plants from grass root level to successfully commissioning of the same. We are already connected with more than 50 % of yarn manufacturer in India. He has been a milestone in the field of synthetic yarn industry.

Our director, Mr. Ashish Gupta is an Electronic Engineer has more than 23 years of experience in the field of Industrial automation. He started his carrier in 1995 with multinational company as instrumentation Engineer where he had good experience on system design and commissioning of PLC and drives based systems.

Our additional strength are :
By developing new process control systems, we have been able to achieve waste control in several processes and in some process we have been able to reduce the waste generation by 3%

To upgrade the second hand machine, to make it more power efficient and to have better product quality with lower utilities consumption. The emphasis is always on quality and timely services support to the customers.

That the brand name and trademark are property of the company and these pictures have been provided to us by the buyers / sellers of these equipment's or traders of these machines.

Name : Devi Sharan Gupta
Mobile Number : +91-98100-29248
Experience : Over 50 Years of experience in manmade fiber field.

Over 25 Years as Technical Consultant.

Worked for over 15 years as senior executive,out of 26 years in various organizations..

Qualification : B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical)
Key Strength : Start-up of plants economically, which have been closed for years.

Setting up New Man Made Fiber Plants for producing Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene Yarn and Fiber.Various Techniques for Energy Sving. Design Electronic System for Alarm Generation and Report Generation. Upgrading Existing and Obsolete Plants.

Name : Ashish Gupta
Mobile Number : +91-98100-22488
Experience : Over 23 Years of experience in Electrical and Industrial Automation field.

Includes over 15 Years as a Manufacturer..

Qualification : B.E. (Electronics)
Key Strength : Start-up of New / Old Textile plants successfully & economically. Dismantling and Packing of Second Hand Plants. Design and develop various control systems with main emphasis on Waste control. Design Electronic System for Alarm Generation and Report Generation. Develop Automation systems using IOT and PLC

Associations with Yarn Manufacturer:
Company Name PET PP Nylon
Chiripal Petrochemicals Ltd., Ahmedabad
Him Chem Pvt. Ltd., Nalagarh
Nova Petrochemicals Limited,Ahmedabad
Nakoda Textile Industries Limited, Surat
Pratibha Syntex Limited, Surat
Welspun Syntex Limited, Silvassa
Modern Synthetics Ltd.
J.K. Synthetics Limited, Kota
R.K.Ispat Limited, Bhiwani
Microsynth Fabrics (I) Limited, Silvassa
Haryana Petrochemicals Ltd, Rewari.
Paras Petrofils Ltd, Surat.
Rajratan Synthetics Limited, Indore
The Baroda Rayon Corporation Limited,Surat
Suraj Filaments P. Ltd, Bhavnagar
Superfine Syntex Limited, Surat
Mahendra Petrochemicals Ltd Ahmedabad
Rama Krishna Filaments, Vapi
Parasrampuria Industries Ltd., Vapi
Welspun Terry Towel, Vapi
Sathe Synthetics Limited, Ghaziabad
Daman Polythread Limited, Daman
National Company, Calcutta
Scan Synthetics Limited, Bhiwadi
HPL, Rewari
Rajasthan Petro Synthetics Limited,Udaipur
Chetak Spintex Limited, Rewari
K.H. Synthetics Limited, Hyderabad