Our Services

Set up Brand New Plants

We provide Project Management services for setting up plants for Producing POY, FDY, Industrial, HMLS, Fibre Plant, recycling plant These plants are sourced mainly from Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan and China. The advantage of new plants is latest technology, minimum Power Consumption and minimum manpower requirement as per norms today with Low Land and Building Cost..

A . We provide basic engineering services; provide data to local Architect structure for Building design and data to finance Department as per their requirement.

B . Organise the procurement of utilities, Accessories, Power System, etc.
a . Coordination with suppliers, vendors, machine / equipment erection team, etc.
b. Keep close watch on Project work for timely completion.
c. Organise Senior Manpower, contractors, as and when required.

C . The main machine generally include Extruders, CPF, Spinning beams, melt pumps, Quench chambers, dow therm boilers, coloring system, spin finish pumps, Take up, Godets, Winders, Electrical Panels etc.
a . Some time the plant is direct fed by polymerisation plant.
b. Accessories include chips dryer, Test lab, Burnout, Chips Conveying System both Hot and Cold, etc.
c. Utilities include AHU, High and low pressure air compressors, air dryers, chillers, Water Treatment Plant.
d. Power system includes HT and LT Panels, Diesel / Gas Generators, Transformers, Solar Power, Synchronising Panels, UPS, etc.

D . We also provide assistance in commissioning and testing of the plant, including trial production runs to ensure that the plant is running smoothly and efficiently.

E . Our team of experts provides training and support to the plant personnel on how to operate and maintain the plant. This includes training on troubleshooting, maintenance, and safety procedures.

F . We also offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the plant continues to run smoothly and efficiently. This includes regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs as needed.

G . Our project management services also include ensuring that the plant complies with all local and international regulations and standards for environmental, health, and safety issues.

H . We work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific requirements and expectations are met throughout the project, and that the plant is delivered on time and within budget..

I . Overall, our project management services for setting up brand new plants for producing polyester, nylon, and polypropylene yarns ensure that our clients have a high-quality, efficient, and sustainable plant that meets their specific needs and requirements.