We can upgrade existing Textile Plants to make them more economical and profitable.

  1. Can convert LOY to POY Plants
  2. Polyester Lines can be converted to Nylon Lines.
  3. We can increase Number of Ends, Increasing numbers of ends of take up winders
  4. We can modify the existing Lines by increasing number of Winders on the same Line.
  5. Speaking of Recycling.

    We started using recycled chips, flakes, popcorn, PET Bottle Waste since 1999 for Production of Yarn/Fiber by various methods.

    We have even larger experience of recycling Polyester lumps and waste of spinning section in a way such that IV variation does not affect the Quality and merge number of the yarn.

    Gradually we also learnt the use of waste from Take-up Section.

    We worked on system using reactor method to increase the IV of chips. We can also increase the Chips IV by SSP method.

    We have experience of Selection / Washing Line / Spinning of PET.

    We have good experience of Crystallization and drying of flakes too.

    We have hands on experience of running of recycled PET Bottles / Flakes / Lumps / spinning & Take up waste.

  6. Up-gradation of Plant using automation and reporting procedures