Textile Consultants

We specialize in setting up man made filament spinning plants  of various grades like Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, motheryarn, Tyre Cord Yarn, Industrial Yarn plants and High Tenacity Yarn Plant both Brand New and second hand Plants. Besides these, we have been instrument in revival of various sick Textile units which were closed due to high cost of production or had technical flaw.

Our Activities Includes:

  • Set up New Textile Plant from Grass root level.
  • Relocation of Plants / Machines from One Location to other Location
  • Upgrading of Existing Textile plants
  • Project Management
  • Energy Saving and Conservation in Industries.
  • Audit of Plants, setting up Parameters of Plant,
  • Development of New Products in Textile Industry,
  • Assist in getting right manpower in Textile Industry.

Shree Umesh Gupta Hi-tech Consultants P. Ltd was established in 1994. We are the leading Textile Consulting Company providing services in  Synthetic Yarn sector. Our services are acknowledged amongst our customers due to their best-in quality.

We have also set up / relocated various used POY FDY plants of Polyester (PET), Nylon (PA), Polypropylene (PP) Yarn and Tyre Cord Yarn. We were one of pioneers to have introduced Chinese machines in Indian market.

We have gained expertise in converting existing LOY to POY yarn plants and have also converted several existing POY yarn plants to HOY FDY plants.
Being a client-centric organization, we are involved in providing utmost quality services to customers that satisfy their entire requirements and needs. To render complete satisfaction is our main objective. Providing quality services to clients is the main aim of our company. We are mainly focused on maintaining higher quality standard in our services range.

We have specialised in increasing the production of existing machines by increasing number of ends (by adding more take up winders to existing machine).


We can also associate with the project and carry out project management for successful implementation of complete project. The work includes drafting of specifications, inspection of material as per purchase order, and successful commissioning of same.


We can inspect and check the running plant of yarn and help in trouble shooting of problems and creating maintenance schedule to have minimum breakdown. We can suggest the measures required for Energy saving and conservation.


Our emphasis is always on timely management and controlled running

cost of the plant, keeping capital cost to the running cost balance in mind. Thus the plants set-up by us are most economical and most power efficient. The power consumption of plants set up by us is minimum per kg of the production.


We do value addition for Textile Yarn Industry by developing new Product Mix like anti bacterial yarn, fire retardant yarn, medical textile, geo textile, Thermal regulations, anti odour properties