We have rich experience in designing the electrical systems for all applications like

Townships, Residential Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Offices, IT Campus, Commercial Complexes, Industrial projects, Factories, Warehouses, Dams, Power Generation, Power Distribution, etc.



We provide engineering services with main thrust on energy conservation, safety and current progressive technological developments, commensurate with environmentally sensitive design.

We provide composite engineering design solutions covering the following engineering systems:

  • ∼ Connected Load & Contract Demand
  • ∼ Power System (33KV/ 11KV/ 433 V, Sub Station) designing and its related Drawings.
  • ∼ Earthling and its related Drawings.
  • ∼ Selection of Electrical Machines.
  • ∼ Selection of Cables.
  • ∼ Selection of Switch-Gears.
  • ∼ Checking Schedule of Electrical Machines.
  • ∼ Selection of Power Capacitors and Setting these power Capacitors for Power Factor improvement.
  • ∼ Protection Schemes.
  • ∼ Suggestion for Voltage in office with Computers, Fax Machine, Photostat Machines, Telephone Exchange, etc.
  • ∼Current Balancing
  • ∼ Specification of Electrical Machines, Switch Gears, Instruments & Cables.
  • ∼ All type of Electrical Panels Designing.
  • ∼ All Power Distribution Designing.
  • ~ Audio, Video & Data System
  • ~ UPS System and Voltage stabilisers
  • ~ Analysis of Harmonics Generation Problem and Solutions.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System.