In Mahabharata, Abhimanyu got trapped in Chakravyuh, he died fighting as he could not find the way out.


In present day, people are struck in various chakravyuh, one is the wrong choice of work, they made once. You spend around half day at work place and do not enjoy, what a shame?

People started doing work of one kind may be due to their circumstances and end up continue to do the same work till the end of their life in spite of knowing that they are not enjoying or they are not good at it.

They are not able to quit out of their responsibility and keep struggling. They should understand that responsibility will be there even if they die due to stress or burden.


I have seen Children sitting on study table for hours together and keep talking to themselves in their minds. The more they talk to themselves, the more they enjoy and more trapped they become. 

The current generation  is now trapped in their Gadgets, video games, smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, YouTube, etc which is draining people of time.

How time passes with these, we do not come to know. We spend quality time on Gadgets or similar things and blame the circumstances for result. However this charkravyuh has been choose carefully and adopted by you.

I start to watch TV for 15 minutes, but by the time I get up, it is already over 2 hours. The more I practice, the more I enjoy. The more I watch TV, I look forward to watching more TV. If I study or exercise, I enjoy doing more of it.

People have fallen in trap of fast food, Junk food, sugar which is inducing new diseases.

Many people are living in Financial trap.The easy financing offered by Banks and others has trapped many in non ending cycle of EMI’s.

Business people think they can get out of the financial mess and keep borrowing, thinking they will get through.

God gave us the beautiful gift by letting us live in this world. It is our choice to be trapped in chakravyuh of one or other kind and end the life struggling or come out winner.


Balance is the law of nature and we should understand to maintain balance in everything and use our time wisely. If we do not take control of situation, we would face the fate of Abhinanu. We have to identify trap and get over the same.

Our mind starts finding comfort in these traps and we delay moving out of our position of comfort.

We were not taught to identify traps in school nor did our parents told us about these traps, however they have direct effect on our lives.

We forget the purpose of life, maybe these traps were planted by God. That God wanted us to identify and overcome these traps. Who knows, may be that how nature teaches us.

If we fail to identify and overcome these traps, we are like other animal in Jungle, who shall generally dies or get captured after falling in the traps.

The toughest thing is to make Right Decision.

We choose to die but not change our-self. Thus we say that Decisions Defines Destiny.

We fail to see as these traps are not visible, generally they are within our mind. Our mind needs a trap to rest upon and banks heavy on it. However it is our duty to identify these traps and get rid of them immediately.

I thinks people who can identity and overcome traps, become winners. May be this has direct relation with success.

Avoid chakravyuh & be a winner.

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